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A native of Japan, living and working as an artist in the Chicago area for decades, Yumiko Irei-Gokce's work stands as an aesthetic bridge between two disparate cultures. She fuses Japanese perception and method into American expressionistic art-making.

Yumiko Irei-Gokce graduated from Osaka University of Arts (formerly Naniwa University of the Arts, Osaka) where the Bauhaus method of graphic design was taught by the prominent Josef Muller-Brockmann of Switzerland. She studied Printmaking at the Ox-Bow School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Since 1980, Yumiko Irei-Gokce has been exhibiting in solo, invitational, and group shows locally, nationally, and internationally. Her work is collected by museums as well as public institutions, corporations and private fine art collectors. She is a professional artist member of renowned The Arts Club of Chicago and is represented by Saatchi-Online in London and Hartje Gallery in the Boston area.

アメリカのシカゴ及びその近郊にて居住しながら、25数年以上、アーチストとして 制作活動をつずけている。彼女の仕事『作品』は、美的感覚の橋渡しとして、二つの異文化の間に位置し、 日本人の持つ感性知覚と技能技術を、アメリカン表現主義のアートメイキングの中に、溶解させてしまう。 大阪芸術大学卒(旧名、浪速芸術大学), かの著名のスイス人、Josef Muller-Brockmann教授による、バウハウス、グラヒックデサイン論を専攻する。加えてシカゴのArt Institute 支部、Ox-bow にて版画、Monoprint /Monotype を学ぶ。1980年以来、個展、グループ展、企画招待展など、地元及び全国各都市、国際的にも、発表をつずけている。彼女の作品は、美術館を始め、公的機関、企業、プライベートの アートコレクターによって、多く収集されていおり、歴史的にも名高い、The Arts Club of Chicago でのプロへショナルアーチストメンバーに、選ばれている。英国ロンドンの、Saatchi-Online ギャラリー、ボストン近郊にあるThe Hartje ギャラリーなどによってPresent され、東京ではフジグラフィック版画工房と提携している。

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Artist's Statement

Works-on-Paper, featuring Monotype printmaking and mixed-medium with drawing, has been my chief medium. My monotype print is pulled through the etching press after images are drawn directly onto the Plexiglas plate. I combine unconventional tools and methods including; image transfer and overlay, intaglio, and collage into conventional fine art printmaking. My imageries are rather representational. They resonates references to the worlds of landscape / earthscape. Plant-inspired organic growth, the mysterious forces of vegetation life, and outbursts of germination are often my subjects. Using the detail and flow of contours with visual masses and flux while implementing repetitive and vigorous strokes, I conceive the texture of earth -- gravel, soil, sand, sticks, twins, and mulch -- directly onto the surface of plate.

Recently, alongside earthscapes in a picture plane, I explore works which incorporate texts and phrases as the visual elements, conflicting or seemingly irrelevant verbal are juxtaposed in the artwork , and verbal are become visual. The images of mundane trash lying atop the nourishing earth serve as visual archives to the witness of time, source materials, and social phenomena. Now and then, I bring some political satire into my work as a catalyst for my support of environmental concerns in our era of globalization.

Yumiko Irei-Gokce
Visual Artist
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Selected Exhibitions

2012 Prints Tokyo 2012: International Print Exhibition
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum
Tokyo, Japan
2012 85th Exhibition of Professional Members
Chicago, IL
2011 Social Justice
National Prints Exhibition
The Ink Shop Printmaking Center, Ithaca, NY
2011 Strokes of Genius
A fine art open juried all-painting exhibition
Maryland Federation of Art, Annapolis, MD
2011 84th Exhibition of Artist Members
201 E. Ontario Street, Chicago, IL
83rd Exhibition of Artist Members
201 E. Ontario Street, Chicago, IL
2009 Yumiko Irei-Gokce
Works on Paper : Then and Now

Robert T. Wright Gallery of Art
College of Lake County, Grayslake, IL
2009 32nd Annual Art on Paper
A Nationally-Open Juried Exhibition
Maryland Federation of Art
The MFA's Circle Gallery, Annapolis, MD
Works on Paper : Monotypes, Collagraphs, Mixed Media
Hartje Gallery, Brookline, MA
2008 "Magnitude 7: International Competitive Juried Exhibit
Presented by MANIFEST Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center
2008 "The Artist Project", Toronto
Exhibition and sale of contemporary fine art featuring juried independent artists from across North America, presented by the Merchandise Marts Properties
2007 "Resistance to Vision: Searching, Sifting, Finding, Seeing"
International juried exhibit, curated by Prof. Dana Saulnier, at MANIFEST Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center, Cincinnati, OH
2007 Invitational: Selection of Etching Print
The Algonquin Public Art Commission Program
2007 " The Artist Project" of ARTROPOLIS
Running concurrently with Art Chicago 2007, a new juried exhibition showcasing the works of cutting edge artists, presented by The Merchandise Mart Properties
2006 "The 3rd Print Biennial Competition"
Loyola University Chicago & Crown Center Gallery, Chicago, IL
2006 "The 26th National Print Exhibition"
at Artlink Contemporary Gallery in Fort Wayne, IN
2005 "Yumiko Irei- Gokce's New Works"
at Kraft Lieberman Gallery in Chicago, IL
2004 "Artist Inspired Toys" Exhibit
at Kraft Lieberman Gallery in Chicago, IL
2004 "Constructions and Revelations"
at The Noyes Cultural Arts Center in Evanston, IL Sponsored by The Evanston Arts Council and Partially Sponsored by a Grant from The Illinois Arts Council, a State Agency.
2003 "An Exhibition of Selected Gallery Artists"
at Kraft Lieberman Gallery in Chicago, IL
2002 "Contemporary Art of Chicago"
A Multi-Media Exhibition of Artists Living and Working in Chicago and Vicinity, Organized and Presented by The Chicago Athenaeum at Schaumburg , IL
2001 "Private Sanctuary"
Collaborative Exhibition by The Three Artists at Walsh Gallery in Chicago, Organized And Sponsored by The City of Osaka, Chicago Office The Osaka Committee of The Chicago Sister Cities International Program
2001 "Art Scene Chicago"
The Work of Over 60 Chicago Artists Presented by The Chicago Athenaeum at Schaumburg, IL
2000 "Earth And Sky"
Works of 30 Chicago Artists at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport Organized by The Department of Aviation Chicago, IL
1999 "Into The Future"
An Exhibition by Japanese Artists in Chicago and in Japan at Japan Information Center in Chicago, IL
1999 "From Here To The Next Chapter"
An Exhibition by Studio's Artists at Arena Atelier Creative Zone in Chicago, IL
1999 "Works On Paper: Print, Drawings, And Collage"
Juried Show at Fine Arts Building Gallery in Chicago
1999 "Contrasts: New Abstract & Narrative"
Invitational Group Exhibit , Printmaking in Chicago" at Suburban Fine Arts Center, Highland Park, IL
1998 "Ink Show"
Invitational Group Exhibit, Walsh Gallery Chicago, IL
1997 Group Exhibit: Participation To Summer Fest
in La Chaux-De-Fonds, Swizerland
1997 Midwest Juried Print Show of North Shore Art League
At Loyola University - Chicago, IL
1996 "American Artists And The Collagraph Prints"
The Breck School, Minneapolis, MN
1991 "Impulse '91", Pyramid Atlantic, Washington, D.C.
An Exhibit of Fax Technology, including Drawings, Writings, and Other Images
1989 "Yumiko Irei-Gokce: All Eyes On Gallery Row"
Corcoran Gallery, Muskegon, MI
1989 "Yumiko Irei-Gokce: Paper Constructions And Installations"
Gallery Vienna and Gallery Vienna Annex in Chicago, IL
1988 "Art in Washi"
Mexico International Exhibition, Mexico City, Mexico
1987 "Japanese Art Today: Kamae" Exhibition,
The South London Art Gallery, London, England Supported by The Japan Foundation
1987 "Yumiko Irei-Gokce: Tokyo-Osaka Back- To- Back"
at Gallery Space 21, Tokyo and Amano Gallery, Osaka Japan
1987 "Yumiko Irei-Gokce: Print Constructions"
at Akiyama Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1985 "Yumiko Irei-Gokce: Print Constructions"
at Tokyo American Center, Tokyo, Japan
1983 "35th Illinois Invitational State Museum"
at Springfield, IL
1983 "Yumiko Irei-Gokce Exhibit"
at Dr. Gleicher and Associates, Chicago, IL
1981 "New Dimensions"
at Co-Op Gallery in The Evanston Art Center, Evanston , IL
1981 "The Print Club 57th Annual Print Competition"
Philadelphia, PA
1980 "Yumiko Irei-Gokce: The Gallery in The Library"
Presented by The Barrington Area Art Council, Barrington, IL
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Selected Bibliography

G. Jurek Polanski:
Visual Arts Correspondent for Art
exhibition review,"Spectrum : Contemporary Art of Chicago", 2002

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Amaury Saint-Gills:
Art Writer/Gallery Director in Tokyo
Review Article on "Yumiko Gokce" at Gallery Space 21, Mainichi daily News, Japan, April, 1987

An article "Expression of Time & Universe"
on "Japanese Art Today : KAMAE" Exhibition, London 1987
for the monthly publication ( Living in Europe-London )

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Features, Awards & Community Service

2007 Panel Judge
for the Community Arts Assistance Program (CAAP) Grant Committee, the City of Chicago's Department of Cultural Affairs
2000 "ART SCENE Chicago 2000"
Featured in book by Crow Woods Publishing Evanston, IL
1989 FM Radio Interview
Interviewed during the Paper Construction Exhibition at the gallery Vienna Annex by Chicago Nippon Hoso: FM Radio Broadcast for Japanese-American communities in the U.S.
1988 NHK Television Interview
Her work of Collagraph Print Construction was featured in the Paper and Contemporary Art in Japan program by NHK, the Japanese national television network
1988 Contemporary Print Award
Mexico National Museum of Graphic Arts, Mexico and Japan
1987 The Japan Foundation in London Exhibit Grant
for the "Kamae" Exhibition
1983 Purchase Award, Illinois State Museum
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Permanent Collections

CLC Permanent Art Collection, College of Lake County, Grayslake, IL

Illinois State Museum, Springfield, IL

Northbrook Public Library, Northbrook, IL

First National Bank of Skokie, Skokie, IL

Confederation Life Insurance, Canada

Burton Kleinman Inc., Chicago, IL

The Creative Works, Chicago, IL

Abbott International Ltd., Chicago, IL

Holleb & Coff Ltd., Chicago, IL

Fuji Graphic, Tokyo, Japan

Gallery Space 21, Tokyo, Japan

Gleicher & Associates, Chicago, IL

Corcoran Gallery, Muskegan, Michigan

The Goldman Collection, Chicago, IL

Bell Fine Arts Collection, Oak Park, IL

And Various Private Art Collectors

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