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A life's process
For Yumiko Irei-Gokce, a native of Japan residing in Chicago for decades, making art is a life-long vocation.  It is her never-ending endeavor to examine and depict the continuously changing truth in nature as well as man's inner environment.

Inspiration and method
Her works are rather abstract, yet they interact and resonate with the landscape.  Plant-inspired organic growth, the mysterious forces of vegetation life, and outbursts of germination fascinate her.

Yumiko fuses the Japanese perception of art and the sense of time, space, color, texture, material, and method with principles of Western art-making to constitute singular pieces, often becoming unexpected creations and provocative hybrid works of art.

Redefining printmaking
Printmaking has been her chief medium, but to simply call her a printmaker is misleading.  Yumiko's art ranges from works-on-paper, drawings and prints, Sumi-ink and brushworks to experimental- mixed medium print constructions, e.g. hanging scrolls, pulp sculptures, wire and prints on Washi for floor lamps, and print installations.  This body of inventive work allows Yumiko Irei-Gokce to push the boundaries of the conventional print medium.  MORE

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